Full-School Program

“The Game” is our full-school program. Our teams of students and teachers begin their days @ either 8am or 9am EST 4 days per week (Monday – Thursday) for 4 hours and 45 minutes while participating in the following 4 classes, or as we call them Huddles:

  1. 1. Structured Literacy
  2. 2. Reading Comprehension with Phonemic Awareness
  3. 3. Writing
  4. 4. Real-Life Math

Each Huddle is usually led by a different teacher who specializes in each individual content areas. Also, there are only 4 students per class, except in Structured Literacy where there are only 2.

The following options are available to attend the Game:

  • Option 1: Two summer months – June and July or July and Aug @ 3 days per week (Tues, Wed & Thurs)
  • Option 2: Ten month commitment – August through May or September through June
  • Option 3: Twelve month commitment – June through May or July through June

While attending during any of the summer months (June-July or July-August) and regardless what option you choose above, students participate on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

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While participating in the Game during the regular school year months (Aug-May or Sept-June), students attend 4 days per week (Mon-Thurs) as described above.  

We utilize sports team metaphors and framework for all aspects of The Game. The following is a description of terms we utilize throughout The Game:

1. Kickoff – 1st day of school

2. Coaches = teachers

3. Huddles = classes that students participate in

4. Halftime = break

5. Season = beginning to end of a school year

6. Game = 4 hour 45 minute time frame of 4 classes

7. Final Game – last day of school

8. First Pitch = start time for each school day

9. Equipment = supplies and resources

10. Game Plan = the nitty gritty of our program

11. Team Roster = students in each class

12. Players = students